We have a new website!

ny-homepageToday Garnowa KB launched a brand new website in both Swedish and English. We have given our website a new face that follows our visual identity and that hopefully will give visitors an easier overview of all the information we want to convey. In this new site, we focused on two core issues, simplicity and ease of use.

We believe in keeping a simple page structure where the visitor directly get an understanding of the site’s content . We have therefore chosen a clear navigation where the main pages and sub-pages are presented directly . We use templates for the images, tables, headings and body text presented. In this way we maintain our uniform design that provides security for the visitor. We have chosen to include features that simplify the use of the site without making it more difficult to navigate .

Ease of use
The user , regardless of what type of device the website is visited from, should be able to easily find information on website. That is why our website will be respond different depending if  you visit it from a PC , tablet or smartphone. Regardless of screen size , the most important will be shown first.