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We are specialized in imports of clothes, interior textiles and have expanded into carpets and products for horse riding, dogs and cats. We are constantly striving to meet our customers’ requirements. Our suppliers are at present located mainly in the Far East but we are also keeping an eye on the development in East European countries and other potential, not too distant, countries.

Mail order companies and large chain stores in clothing, with focus on the mass market, are forced into ever harder price reducing measures when buying. Many substantial traders with high ”overhead-costs” are facing more and more difficulties in their efforts to meet that downward pressure. We certainly experience some of that too. But our organization is small and cost effective and our relationship with suppliers is equally built on reliability, quality and efficiency, rather than the size of the supplier.

Our ”team” is fully equipped with the latest advanced IT hard and software to handle design, logistic, sales, order and finance, yet maintaining personal touch, enthusiasm and energy.

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