The company was founded in November 2001 and has undergone a brilliant development since then. This has been possible thanks to the unique competence of team members, a small organization and a super efficient administration. That has been, is and will be a role model for the company. Because a company is nothing but the combined competence of its members, vital basics for success are good internal relations, humour and positive thinking. Such athmosphere is contagious and is automatically conveyed to customers and suppliers. They, in turn, respond with the same attitude which makes business enjoyable and fun.

Before Lena Garnow started the company, she had 22 years comprehensive international experience in the trade. She and the team members in design and sales have subtle intuition for upcoming fashion trends, enabling them to effectively assist customers in making the right choices. It is all about finding an optimum between fashion, quality and price. We create teamwork between customers and suppliers leading to successful products in demand.

At Garnowa, we are competent, motivated and devoted to give our customers the rapid service they deserve. At the same time we devote great care to our most supportive suppliers both in Asia and in Europe.

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